About Me


Christine Smith is a certified health and wellness coach based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Working with women of all ages in creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Christine’s holistic approach to wellness explores many aspects such as nutrition, relationships, spirituality, self-care and fitness.

“Health is so much more than simply the food we eat. It’s the people we surround ourselves with, how we feed our souls, how we move our body and it’s also so unique to each individual. I’m here to help you rediscover what you already know and how to live YOUR best life”

As an advocate for all things natural beauty, Christine strives to educate those in the benefits of what switching to a more natural self-care regime can have on your health.

“We’re all becoming aware of what an incredible impact the foods we choose to put into our bodies has on our health, it’s now time to shine the light on what we put onto our bodies”

 Christine hopes to combine her passion for health and nutrition along with a gentle approach to fitness, to inspire women to live their best lives.

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