10 Tips for Healthy Weight Gain

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Yes you read right, I said weight gain. In this day and age it’s not often you hear of weight gain referred to in a positive light. With almost two thirds of Australian adults either overweight or obese, you can understand why “How To Gain Weight” does not make front page news. However for aRead more …

Life in the slow lane

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Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little MIA for a while now. Some of you may not, in which case – shame on you! I’ve been working my way through an unidentified virus for longer than I would have liked and we will be celebrating our 2 month anniversary later this week.Read more …

Bio Individuality

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Whether it’s Paleo, 80/20, vegetarian, low carb, vegan or macrobiotic (I could go on), there seems to be more trends in the nutritional world than there is in the fashion industry! One minute fat is bad for you, the next – fats are in and sugars out. Then it’s “meat causes cancer” oh wait, holdRead more …


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Thanks for stopping by! I’m currently working to create my website which will give you an insight into my world of all things holistic health and wellbeing. In the meantime find me on Instagram @balancenbounce or send me an email at balancenbounce@gmail.com I look forward to connecting with you!   Christine x